The management of Stara Planina Hold offered to the boards of directors of the subsidiaries’ GMS to pay out dividend as follows:

Stara Planina Hold, BGN 5,090,041.52 (BGN 0.2456 per share).

M+S Hydraulic, BGN 10,252,632.00 (BGN 0.26 per share).

Hydraulic Elements and Systems, BGN 3,820,687.92 (BGN 0.21 per share).

Elhim-Iskra, BGN 351 517.74 (BGN 0.014 per share).

Until general shareholder meetings are held, it may be possible to re-evaluate the proposals based on the financial position and prospects of the companies, which are related to the changing situation on our markets, influenced by the effect of the measures taken by Governments in relation to Covid-19.