At the General Meeting of Shareholders of Stara Planina Hold, held on 20.05.2020, the following decisions have been taken.

    • Adopt the company Activity Report for 2019. Adopt the 2019 Annual financial statement verified by independent auditor.
    • Decision about profits distribution:

- Gross dividend: BGN 5,090,041.52 

- BGN 0.245614100 per share.
- Net dividend: BGN 0.233333395 per share.
- Dividends will be paid out as from 10.07.2020 for a period of three months.
- The right on dividend will be entitled to all shareholders registered with the Central Depository AD up to 14 days after the GMS date i.e. by 03.06.2020.

  • Exemption from liability of the members of the management bodies for their activity in 2019.
  • GMS elects the certified chartered auditor of the company for 2020 Audit Company 'Dinev Odit' Ltd.
  • GMS adopts amendments to the Remuneration Policy

Stara Planina Hold has been paying dividend each year since its establishment.

The total amount of dividend distributed to shareholders of Stara Planina Hold until now has BGN 31.2 million. The initial investment in the holding company has a dividend cover of 17.8 times.

The public companies from Stara Planina Hold Group - M + S Hydraulic and Hydraulic Elements & Systems have a policy of regular dividend payments. The total cash flow by dividends expected to be collected in Stara Planina Hold this year amounted to 5.6 million BGN.

Total dividend for the 23 anniversary of the group of Stara Planina Hold is 167.6 million BGN.