The Board of Directors of Stara Planina Hold Plc announces an address to the shareholders and investors of the holding and the companies in the Group informing on its anticipations for 2022. For 2022 we anticipate sales of the companies in the Group to exceed BGN 373 million - over 34 % nominal growth compared to 2021 and over 86 % increase compared to 2020. The 2022 net profit of Stara Planina Hold Plc will exceed BGN 8 million which gives us confidence that for the 26th consecutive year part of the profit will be distributed in the form of dividends to the shareholders of the holding.

Investments of our companies reached almost BGN 23.3 million, mainly focused on improving the product range, introduction of highly profitable products and productions, innovations for the green and digital transition, increasing labor productivity and increasing remuneration to employees, respectively. In 2023, regardless of the great uncertainty on national and global level, we plan a 2 % investments growth up to BGN 23.8 million.

Productivity increased by 26.8 % this year and the average annual growth of labor remunerations reached 14 %. In 2023 we foresee a minimal increase in the number of employees by approximately 0.5 % with an expected growth in labor productivity by 4 % approximately and increase in the average monthly salary by 10.2%.

The Board of Directors of Stara Planina Hold Plc expects that in 2023 we will report growth in consolidated sales revenue. We expect that in 2023 the sales revenues from sales in the group will exceed BGN 385 million, thus achieving approximately 4 % growth on annual basis.

In 2023 again we will be led by the purpose of achieving European and world level of quality, productivity and profitability and thus to retain the major markets and widen our presence in the new markets. Sustainable achievement of good financial results with the expected sales volumes will continue being the main task for ensuring the shareholders’ investments and their profitability.

Our success will continue being shared with all those involved in its achievement.




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