Our Mission

Stara Planina hold manages industrial companies dedicated to the manufacturing of products that satisfy various demands both of people and business.
We will participate in the development of the Bulgarian industry by achieving European and world level quality, efficiency and profitability.
Our success will be shared among all parties contributing for its achievement.

Our Values

We believe that the world will always need modern and efficient industry and that the material products remain the fundamental basis of the welfare all around the world.
We believe that the Bulgarian industry is capable of meeting the challenge of the rapid global economy development by emphasizing on human knowledge, the innovations brought by it and by the investments implementing those innovations.
We believe that the achievement of our goals is a reward for the hard work of anyone contributing to our development and success.

Our Future

Stara Planina Hold will continue managing its subsidiaries setting high goals regarding the quality, productivity and profitability.
A leading priority for us is to increase productivity. We continued to make investments even in the time of crisis. We count on a faster recovery of the economies of the developed countries, in particular, the recovery of our main distributors and clients. Our priority task remains to retain the major markets and to widen our pool of clients. This entails the requirements to offer good prices, high quality and short delivery terms.
In the given conditions, the achievement of good financial result with the expected production volume is a main task in order to wade through the crisis period and for the purpose of avoiding decrease in the market capitalization thus guaranteeing shareholders’ investments and their profitability.

Environmental protection

As a holding type company which does not carry out autonomous trade activity, Stara Planina Hold Plc has directed its activity mainly in the management of the subsidiary and associated enterprises. The holding gives special consideration to the impact on the environment which is exercised by our enterprises. They report on annual basis on the environment impact assessment and the measures which they undertake in this respect.