In 2022 the General Meeting of Shareholders elected Assoc. Prof. Dr. Katya Raykova Zlatareva, based on the proposal of the Audit Committee, to verify and certify the annual financial statements of the company.

Obligations of the registered auditor before the Audit Committee:

• The registered auditor shall report to the Audit Committee on the major issues related to the performance of audit with emphasis on the material weakness in the internal control system of the company with regard to the process of financial reporting.
• The registered auditor shall submit before the audit committee annual declaration on his/her independence from the audited entity.
• The registered auditor shall inform the audit committee on annual basis about any other services which that auditor provides to the entity in addition to the audit.
• The registered auditor shall discuss with the audit committee any threats to his/her independence and the precautions taken in order to mitigate such threats, if such have been documented.

Auditor's Reports: can be found in the materials for General Meetings of Shareholders.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of Stara Planina Hold Plc shall have the following composition:
Boyko Hadjiatanassov - Chairperson, Hristina Trifonova and Kremena Dyulgerova.

The Audit Committee was re-elected by the General Meeting of Shareholder on 23 May, 2022.  

The Audit Committee shall:

• Monitor the processes of financial reporting in the enterprise.
• Monitor the efficiency of the internal control systems in the enterprise.
• Monitor the efficiency of the risk management systems in the enterprise.
• Monitor the independent financial audit in the enterprise.
• Review the independence of the registered auditor of the enterprise in compliance with the legal requirements and the Code of Ethics of Professional Accountants, and shall monitor the provision of additional services by the registered auditor to the audited entity.
• The election of registered auditor who is to perform the independent financial audit of the enterprise shall be carried out based on recommendation by the Audit Committee.
• The Audit Committee shall report once a year on its activity before the General Meeting together with the approval of the annual financial statement.

Operating rules of the Audit Committee
Criteria for independence of auditors