About the company

Fazan is the first factory in Bulgaria for the production of socks. The factory was initially built during 1927 in Rousse. The company was founded as a Bulgarian-Israel firm for manufacturing of socks.

At present Fazan is the biggest manufacturer of socks in Bulgaria.
The company produces its products according to the standards GBS, ISO, OKOTEX and BDS 2273-89.

The main shareholders of the company are:

  • Stara Planina Hold 92.65%

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Fazan’s product list consists of:

  • Men’s socks
  • Lady’s socks
  • Children’s socks
  • Pelerine socks
  • Sport socks
  • Children’s stockings

The products are made of:
cotton, polyamide, polyester, acryl, elastane, wool, wool and acryl, viscose, etc.

Fazan annual production capacity is 10 million pairs. There are ongoing plans for expansion of the capacity due to strategic partnerships. The company comprises the following departments: knitting department, bordering department and dyeing department. Fazan has a laboratory for quality control on each production stage.


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