Stara Planina Hold is a public company holding capital of BGN 21,000,000 divided into 21,000,000 non-cash registered non-preferred shares with voting of par value of One leva each. There are no shares with special rights. No agreements that lead to effective control.
Stara Planina Hold Plc has 226 265 own shares, constituting 0.58% of the capital. 50 000 shares owns our subsidiary SPH Ivest JSC.
Under the Commercial Code provision, on these 276 265 shares shall cease to exercise any rights until their transfer, including the right to vote.
According to the data from Central Depozitory, on 06.05.2021 Stara Planina Hold has 22,160 shareholders. Natural persons hold 39.2% of the shares and 67 legal entities hold 60.8% incl. 17.5% owned by pension funds. 22.6% of the capital is owned by foreign investors.
Shareholders with more than 5%: Potbul Invest Foundation – 22.17%, Garant-5 Ltd – 12.36%, ZUPF Allianz Bulgaria – 6.37%.
FREE FLOAT – 59.1%

Some of Stara Planina Hold shareholders: